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The day I was born,

I didn’t understand.

What I was getting into,

Inside this strange land.

I grew up to the age,

Where I noticed other people,

Ignoring only the One

Who was garbed in royal purple.

I walked away

Both Far and wide

Neglecting my God

With sin by my side

But one day I broke down,

Just couldn’t go on.

I could not finish

My perfect life song

A hand touched me

And I whirled around

There one stood beckoning

That I not make a sound.

He led me up the sky,

To the bright clouds above.

The gates made of polished gold

All beholding His love.

I stepped on the shining road

And looked down the path.

I saw the courthouse where

I would experience God’s wrath.

But instead of anger or sadness,

I felt His love and grace

Pulsing though my soul

At an overwhelming pace.

He said, “My child, I love you so

I sent my Son to die for you

For you thou thyself

And all others too.

My injured heart ached,

From the time when you left,

And traveled on wrong,

Your sins were quite heft.

Come back, come back,

To your true home right here—

Where happiness with Me

Exists always without fear.”


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As I Grow

As my attitude
Changes like fall-endorsed leaves
From green to yellow;

As my self-esteem
Dries up like summer-burned grass
Once touched by the rays;

As my purity
Dissolves like the spring-licked snow
When broke by the shoots;

As my own conscience
Turns cold like snow-buffered air
While flakes fall and glide;

I feel so alone—
Prostrate, cold, without a call;
An unknown creature

I cry and I mourn,
Fill up with anger and strife;
Shouting and cursing

But then I noticed:
Good could be Bad’s aftermath,
Like peace follows war

As the leaves fall off
To grow sweet new blossoms, so
Behavior resumes;

As summer brings out
Vacation and no homework,
Esteem resurrects;

As snow melts away
And waters the new plants, so
I learn from mistakes;

As the sun shines through
And fills the air with great warmth,
I know right and wrong;

I am filled with peace,
Delight, kindness, love, patience,
Self-control, goodness

Gentleness and faith—
Not to mention gratefulness;
Fruits of the Spirit

Finally I have—
A place in society—
All my own to hold

Friendships develop;
People are conformed both ways
As I grow…mature

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Why Can’t You See?

I don’t understand why you can’t see,

Through the snow and rain at me

I’m standing here, so close and real

Why can’t you touch, why can’t you feel?

Through winter’s gaze and through its air

I’ll still show that I do care

But if you can’t see nor feel I,

Then I must say my last Goodbye.

I’ll face Winter’s storms all alone,

I will now be but my own

So farewell now, and see you in—

Glorious Heaven, my dearest kin

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